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a commonplace book by yours truly

The ideal adventuring party.

In writing, as in everything else, the best way to win the race is to start out ahead.

(via Chuck Wendig)

As a writer, what do you believe in?

I believe in black ink, yellow legal pads, Castell 9000s, Mongols, Ticonderogas, wooden pencils in general, mechanical pencils in general, erasers in general, Pelikans, Safaris, Uni-ball Signos, the T-Ball Jotter, index cards, Post-it Notes, pocket notebooks (Field Notes, IBM Think pads, Moleskines), a larger notebook that my daughter gave me (Moleskine), PocketMods, nvALT, Simplenote, TextWrangler, WriteRoom.

But also: any available paper, any available Bic.

Of course I know how to drive a stick.

Now is that two lefts and a right at the old barn, or two rights and a left at the old barn?

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